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oversized transport

oversized transport

Oversized transport                 local and...

Hydraulic elevator

Hydraulic elevator

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Oversized transport
                local and external transport equipment

       Oversized transport requires a high degree of precision and reliability. Our qualified personnel and transportation equipment guarantees a high quality of services, from taking the goods transported to the delivery location and time schedule. For an overview of available transmission equipment here.

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Accompanying transports take place at a high level of professionalism and timeliness, so you can be confident that your transport will reach your destination in maximum safety conditions.

Our team provides services for obtaining permits loader and transport carrying the necessary approvals in accordance with applicable laws. The company also provides services to obtain special permits for any level of transport.

Dornseiff company is made up of a dynamic and highly trained staff, so that the services offered are made at high quality standards.

We assure you that your cargo will be handled carefully by our fully trained  staff  in the way of loading, anchor, unloading and will be transported with the latest vehicles that are also environmentally friendly and does not affect roads, providing a more efficient and economic solution.



Type Specifications Application
Mega Platform with sliding roof Load length to 13.6 m,
Interior height to 3.0 m,
Payload of 25 t
Carriage of cargo and palletized goods, steel coils
Trailer (plateau) of 3 to 5 axes

13.6 m to 29.0 m max.

Load length 30.0 m, payload up to 65 t

Transportation of timber and prestressed concrete girders, steel beams or structures, ballast crane, crane accessories, parts and construction machinery
Semi-trailer 3-6 axles Platform height from 85 cm,
extendable from 8.0 m to 29.0 m,
Payload of 25 tonnes to 75 tonnes
Carriage of steel structures, precast concrete, concrete stations, crane ballast, crane accessories, parts and construction machinery
Platform Bed height 65 cm,

length to charge 11.9 m,

35 t payload

Transport of precast concrete products, construction machinery and parts with excessive height
Truckloader Platform height 30 cm,
hydraulic ramps,
hydraulically liftable platform
Transfer of commercial vehicles, trucks, agricultural vehicles and work platforms
Ramp loaders 2-6 axes Load length to 8.0 meters,

from 25 tons to 75 tons,

from 85 cm height,

hydraulically liftable platform

Transport of construction equipment, forklifts, work platforms
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6-axle semi low loader
low pallet height 850 mm
Pallet length 11 - 19 m
Loading area extension up to 3.200 mm
New Panther chassis technology with split axles with independent suspension as far as to 12 tons axle load
Hydraulic suspension with a large axle regulation of 315 mm(-70 Mm / +245 mm) and high ground clearance
Height and tilt adjustable at the characteristics of the load
Very high steering angle, to 55 °. Possibility of remote control.
Low weight and high load capacity by up to 75 tons (depending on the towing vehicle)
Removable, with low loading angle (8 °)
Certified anti-slip rubber coating
Comprehensive safety system with lots of cargo lashing points