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oversized transport

oversized transport

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Hydraulic elevator

Hydraulic elevator

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Forklift Merlo forklift with  extended equipment for almost all requirements ...

Merlo forklift with  extended equipment for almost all requirements


    As you see, the forklift is present in every construction site, warehouse and cargo activities involving difficult  handling. Easy to use and easy to maintain, is essential when it comes to lifting bulky or heavy objects. Since 1917, when the first forklift appeared and construction technology was just starting out, we can see progress in this field. With a history of over 90 years, this equipment is the most used for handling the cargo we hold a wide range of such machines.


  If you need to lift large pieces can be easily transformed into a mini-crane and lifting personnel in height can be achieved quickly and attaching a platform. Also the possibility of catching front bucket can take the place of a bulldozer or a winch by installing a hoist winch.


  Relatively small size allow operation in narrow spaces. Is best suited for working in warehouses or small room with an incredibly small turning radius. Spare the height is not a problem because it can lift objects a few meters from the ground.


  With an approximate speed of 20 km / h (no load) quickly reach any part of the premises. Loading and unloading task is done in a very short time thereby maximizing the effectiveness of the entire site. We can say that it comes right machine loads that need to be moved short distances and heights inaccessible to man.

     We provide forklift with telescopic multifunction with various accessories such as platform jib, forks, front winch or bucket. With applications in various fields such as construction, agriculture. telecommunications, recycling, aviation, shipping industry, logistics and more, is ideal for activities that involve working with heavy objects. For more details click here.


Merlo P40-17


Maximum load capacity 4000 kg
Maximum lift height 16.7 metres
Maximum forward reach 12.5 metres
Capacity at maximum height 2500 kg
Capacity at maximum forward reach 500 kg
Low emission (Euro 3) 4 cylinder engine Turbo
Power at 2400 rpm (97/68/CE) 74,9 kW (102 HP)
Transmission Hydrostatic
Maximum travel speed 40 kph
Total unladen mass (with forks) 10400 kg
Boom sideshift Standard
Frame levelling Standard
Independent front stabilisers Standard
Control and command system Electronic MERlin
Hydraulic system Load-Sensing
Tyres 405/70-24

Merlo 45.21 MCCS


max. Capacity 4.500 kg
max. Height 20.800 mm
max. Outreach 18000 mm
Length up to and including equipment rack 6.600 mm
Width 2.400 mm
Height 2.950 mm
Total weight with forks 14.500 kg
Diesel engine 6 cylinder Iveco NEF N67MNT TURBO INTERCOOLER (Euro 3)
Power: 107 KW (145 PS)
2300 U/min (97/68/CE)
Hydrostatic drive Pump: electronically controlled variable-capacity engine: adjusting

Special equipment:


standardgabeln 01Furci atasabile pentru manevrare de paleti

Excavating bucket

UniversalladeschaufelCupa de excavat detasabila


CosBasket for working at heights, providing remote control equipment